I went to visit Holistic First suffering with a shoulder injury.I had a sports therapy massage session combined with cupping treatment. I felt much better the week after and was given programme of stretches to do by my self following the treatment.I was also given loads of advice on workout technique, being a keen weight lifter it was exactly what I needed to overcome bad form/posture.

Highly recommend

Yousef Shiebani

I went to Holistic First after having been on a merry-go-round of treatment by traditional doctors having been diagnosed with lots of conditions such as prostatitis as well as experiencing various pains in the kidneys and gut.
At Holistic First, I was put on an 8 week cupping treatment plan as well as being given a nutrition/supplement plan to follow alongside this. I was given so much support, guidance and reassurance along the way. After completing the treatment, not only was I cured, but my general health drastically improved.

Highly recommend this as an alternative to traditional medicine!

Hassan Raza