Reasons why your posture is bad

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If you think good posture is just about being straight, think again. We break down the real reason you’re struggling to keep your posture from slouching.

If you’re not standing or sitting straight, it’s not your fault you don’t have good posture.

How often do you hear the importance of good posture? They’re either nagging you to, “sit straight, keep your chest out, and stomach in!” or “stop slouching and keep those shoulders back!”

You’re constantly bombarded with advice and suggestions on how to be “posturally sound.” But unless you make a conscious effort to “sit straight”, you are quick to revert to your old habits! Here’s what you guys have been waiting your entire life to hear – it’s not your fault! The problem is that people confuse “posture” with “structure.” Posture is the ability to hold the structure of your body. Structure (when it comes to your body) is how your body stacks with gravity.

  • Poor posture may be caused by many factors, including previous injuries, disease, poor muscle tone, and emotional stress
  • Obesity cause bad posture by forcing the spine out of alignment as it evenly tries to distribute weight
  • Posture also affects your frame of mind and your frame of mind can affect your posture.
  • 34% of lost workday injuries and illnesses are work-related musculoskeletal disorders
  • More than 80% of neck and back problems are the results of tight, achy muscles brought on by years of bad posture.
  • If your posture is bad, your spine can be misaligned. Spinal misalignment may cause interference in nerve function.

Wait, what? Okay, let us break it down. When the structure is properly balanced, your body is stacked well, which means it’s much more natural to have good posture. While there are many other reasons that cause poor posture, in this case, we should clearly look at how the structure of our body directly effects our posture. A person slouches not because he has bad habits, but because their body structure doesn’t make it easy for the person not to slouch.

Do you want to get someone to sit straight? Focus on the structure of their body so when they sit down or stand up, you’ll notice a drastic improvement with their posture.

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