Integrated personal training with Massage Therapy

If you are looking to really transform your Posture and health. Holistic first now provides integrated personal training and massage. After a vigorous personal training sessions, we all know there’s nothing like a good massage for easing aches and pains. They generally make us feel a whole lot better physically. By combining massage and training we are able to not only aid recovery but enhance posture through the release of hypertonic muscles and strengthening of hypotonic muscles.

If you are someone is who looking to restore normal movement and capacity through safe, customised exercises and massage therapy. Transform the overall functionality of your body and build resilience to future injury. Perform in your chosen sport or in daily life, with a focus on improving strength, power, flexibility, balance and stability. The integrated training and therapy is perfect for you. That dodgy neck and bad back should not be hold you back and longer!

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