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About Holistic First

Holistic First is your one-stop shop to better health and a longer, more active life. We provide bespoke integrated care and expertise in various areas including: Sports and remedial massage, cupping therapy, personal training, sports performance, postural rehabilitation and nutritional consultancy.


Here at holistic first we believe in sustainable health, while we are experts in relieving pain and restoring movement and function, we take our clients beyond by focusing on lasting solutions. We inspire them with knowledge and provide the tools required to ensure they build a strong and lasting musculoskeletal health foundation. Once this transformation has taken place we love nothing more than to see our clients performing at their best and achieving their goals with confidence and belief in their bodies.


Sustainable musculoskletal health can only be achieved with an age considered comprehensive balance between optimum exercise, nutrition and recovery. At holistic first we believe that a careful balance of physiological and age appropriate exercise, combined with a healthy eating plan should be matched with restorative practices such as rest, meditation and good quality sleep. This musculoskeletal health foundation provides physical and emotional resilience to the demands of everyday life and prepares individuals, at any age, to challenge themselves in the pursuit of the activities they love.


Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to perform to the greatest of their ability and make a positive and lasting impact in their lives. We provide a world-class service where the ideal mix of musculoskeletal health is used in collaboration to deliver industry-leading and science-based musculoskeletal health solutions, which are worthy of an athlete and individually customised for all of our clients.

How we work

Holistic first offers hands-on, manual-based therapies from across the world. It utilises traditional methods combined with contemporary techniques, to give you the best and most effective solution for your health.

In today’s fast-paced world, our Holistic Therapies are designed to serve busy people at their convenience. We want to keep you up and moving without the need to spend weeks or months out of action.

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